Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Shade Tree Meeting Minutes 05/04/11

Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Morris Plains Shade Tree Commission held on May 4, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. in the Borough Chambers. 

Present at roll call were:                                                        

Present:         Mrs. Margaret Law                       

                        Mr. Dave Visscher

                        Mr. Lloyd Williams, Chairman    

                        Mr. Robert Dubee, Forester                          

Absent:           Mr. Donald Salerno, Vice Chairman

                        Mr. Lawrence Travaglia 

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE Mr. Williams called the meeting to order.  He stated that adequate notice of this meeting has been posted and published in accordance with Chapter 231 of the Public Law of 1975, “Open Public Meetings Act.” 

APPROVAL OF MINUTES Mr. Visscher moved that the Minutes of the Commission’s April 6, 2011 meeting be approved, seconded by Mr. Williams.  Voice vote.  All in favor.  Motion carried.   Mrs. Law abstained from voting. 

COMMENTS FROM THE PUBLIC Mr. Williams opened the meeting to the public to speak on matters other than those on the agenda.  Hearing none, he closed this portion of the meeting to the public.   

BUDGET Mr. Williams provided an update on the Commission’s 2011 budget, stating that the budget has remaining funds of $33,000. 

FORESTER’S REPORT Mr.  Dubee presented his report.

Mountain Way – He advised of a letter that was received addressed to the Shade Tree Commission, the Mayor and the Council relating to tree limbs along Mountain Way, specifically between 238 Mountain Way and 261 Mountain Way.   Nelson Tree will be taking care of these limbs as they perform work throughout the Borough.  He will check the situation in several days when Nelson has completed their work to determine if further work is needed.

66 Mountain Way – Forester stated (1) 12”-24” and (1) 24”-36” trees need to be pruned.

22 Greenwood Rd. – Forester stated (2) 12”-24” needs to be pruned.

22 Hillview Avenue – Forester stated (1) under 12” stump needs to be removed.     

Court Road Park.  – Forester stated that (1) 36”+ needs to be pruned and (1) tree - ½ 12”-24”  (double trunk) needs to be removed. 

44 and 46 Parker Drive – Poplar trees that Nelson was working on.  Nothing needs to be done at this time.  Forester reviewed Work Sheet. 

End of Briarcliff Rd. – Forester stated (1) 24”-36” tree needs to be taken down no stump.

53 Burch Dr.    Forester stated (1) 36”+ stump needs to be removed.

26 Central Ave.     Forester stated (1) 36”+ stump needs to be removed.

35 Cutler Rd.    Forester stated (2) 12”-24” stumps have been purchased ordered.  The Commission Secretary advised of a telephone call from a Mr. Esposito.  He was upset that he was not informed of when the two Locust trees were to be taken down.  He was unaware this was going to happen.  Two stumps were purchase ordered.  Mr. Esposito is now requesting that all the roots be removed from his lawn.  He requested that new trees be planted to replace those that were removed.  He wants a Commission member to call him about the possibility of new trees being planted.  Mr. Williams provided information about discussions he had with Mr. Esposito last year and he advised Mr. Espostio that the Borough does not remove the roots.  Mr. Williams advised he will contact Mr. Esposito.

46 Granniss Ave. - Forester stated (1) 24”-36” stump have been purchased ordered. 

21 Idlewild Dr.  Forester stated (1) under 12” tree needs pruning.

72 Sylvan Drive    Forester stated this tree is not a town tree and notified resident.  

 7 Wyckoff Way    Forester stated (3) 12”-24” stumps need to be removed.

18 Wyndwood Rd.  Forester stated (1) 12”-24” stump needs to be removed.

24 Wyndwood Rd.    Forester stated (1) 12”-24” stump needs to be removed. This concluded the review of the Work Sheet. The Forester advised of a letter from Councilwoman McCluskey commenting on several trees that need to be checked.  Mrs. Law has also reported a tree at Roberts Garden.  Forester stated this should be placed on the worksheet and discussed at the June meeting.    Commission Secretary advised that Nelson Tree Company has removed trees at the following locations and a Purchase Order needs to be prepared for the stumps.        

Corner of 202/53  -  (2) 36”+, (2) 24”-36”, (2) 12”-24”         

26 Sylvan Dr. - (1) 12”-24”        

32 Sylvan Dr. - (1) 12”-24”           

1 Cedar Avenue  - (1) 12”-24”          

9 Greenwood Rd.  - (1) 12”-24” The Commission Secretary also stated that Nelson may take down a tree at

44 Sylvan Dr.  and 87 Sylvan Dr., which will need stump approval.   The Commission Secretary reviewed the specific work projects to be done.  Mrs. Law moved that the necessary work be approved, seconded by Mr. Visscher.  Voice vote.  All in favor.  Motion carried.  Cross discussion about the trees removed at the corner of Route 202 and Court Road.   Mrs. Law requested that she receive a copy of the paperwork connected to the planting of the 10 new trees.  She will come into the office to pick up, but there’s no rush. 

Route 202 and Route 53 – The Commission Secretary reminded of trees at this location that the State took down last year.  Funding is now available to plant new trees, but involves submitting a grant. Cross discussion about Route 202 and Route 53 trees, including comments about the existing pear tree(s).   Mr. Dubee offered to speak with Mayor about the possibility of obtaining funds from the State.   Cross discussion about the work being done by Nelson, including that Mr. Salerno had met with Nelson about the work they would be doing.   

Arbor DayThe Commission Secretary advised that an Arbor Day tree from the County, it is a Choke Cherry and currently is at the Department of Public Works (DPW) site.  Mr. Dubee recommended that it be planted in a park location, not at a home.  This is the last year a tree will be donated from the County.   Mrs. Law suggested planting it at the Totten Way circle. Mr. Williams stated he will advise the DPW to plant the Arbor Day Tree at the Totten Way Circle.    Mrs. Law asked where the Beautification Commission is planning to plant the American Liberty Elm tree(s).   The Commission Secretary advised the tree was planted at one of the Route 202 park sites near the Court Road site by the gazebo.   She reported on the Arbor Day celebration and circulated photographs of the event.    Mrs. Law asked if the Commission Secretary has a copy of the Commission’s procedures.  She also mentioned the each commissioner was assigned a Borough “district”,  and they were to follow up on work to be done, and related responsibilities.   The Commission Secretary advised that Commission that Mr. Salerno has been checking the work projects’ purchase orders.       



There being no further business, Mrs. Law moved the meeting be adjourned, seconded by Mr. Visscher.  Voice vote.  All in favor. Motion carried.

Karen M. Coffey                                                                                                Commission Secretary 

Maureen Sullivan

Recording Secretary