Below is a list of Resolutions introduced in 2021.

Please note: this page is still undergoing development. Please be patient as we continue to add information.

NumberResolution TitleDate AdoptedDownload here
21-01Adopting Current By-Laws1/8/2021Resolution 21-01
21-02Appointing Council Representative on the Morris Plains Planning Board1/8/2021Resolution 21-02
21-03Standing Committees for 20211/8/2021Resolution 21-03
21-04Nominations Confirmed by Council1/8/2021Resolution 21-04
21-05Annual Notice of Meetings1/8/2021Resolution 21-05
21-06Adequate Notice of Meetings1/8/2021Resolution 21-06
21-07Request for Notices of Meetings1/8/2021Resolution 21-07
21-08Minutes of Meetings1/8/2021Resolution 21-08
21-09Conference Meetings1/8/2021Resolution 21-09
21-10Depositories for Borough Funds1/8/2021Resolution 21-10
21-11Authorizing Officers to Sign Approved Checks1/8/2021Resolution 21-11
21-12Delinquent Taxes and Tax Installments1/8/2021Resolution 21-12
21-13Professional and Extraordinary Unspecifiable Services1/8/2021Resolution 21-13
21-14Execution of Vouchers1/8/2021Resolution 21-14
21-15Designating Official Newspaper1/8/2021Resolution 21-15
21-16Fixing Holidays Borough Employees1/8/2021Resolution 21-16
21-17Fixing Holidays Police Officers1/8/2021Resolution 21-17
21-18Council Appointments1/8/2021Resolution 21-18
21-19Temporary Appropriations for Operating Purpose1/8/2021Resolution 21-19
21-20Waiving Interest and Penalties on Past Due Taxes Due and Owing and Presently Delinquent From Residents Age 65 or Over1/8/2021Resolution 21-20
21-21Waiving Interest and Penalties on Past Due Taxes Due and Owing and Presently Delinquent From Disabled Citizens Receiving a Deduction as a Disabled Person1/8/2021Resolution 21-21
21-22Authorizing the Tax Collector to Process Property Tax Refund or Cancel Refund or Delinquency in the Amount Less than $10.001/8/2021Resolution 21-22
21-23Authorizing the Borough Clerk to Execute Hold Harmless Agreements on Behalf of the Borough with Any Person or Entity Utilizing Borough Owned Lands or Buildings1/8/2021Resolution 21-23
21-24Time Capsule – Morris Plains Library1/8/2021Resolution 21-24
21-25Time Capsule – Community Park1/8/2021Resolution 21-25
21-26Affirm the Borough of Morris Plains’ Civil Rights Policy with Respect to All Officials, Appointees, Employees, Prospective Employees, Volunteers, Independent Contractors, and Members of the Public That Come Into Contact with Municipal Employees, Officials, and Volunteers1/8/2021Resolution 21-26
21-27Governing Body Certificate of Compliance with The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s “Enforcement Guidance on the Consideration of Arrest and Conviction Records in Employment Decisions Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964”1/8/2021Resolution 21-27
21-28Executive Session1/21/2021Resolution 21-28
21-29Applying for a LEAP Challenge Grant for the Sharing of Heavy Equipment1/22/2021Resolution 21-29
21-30Authorizing Paid Leave Under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act for Borough Employees1/22/2021Resolution 21-30
21-31Executive Session2/4/2021Resolution 21-31
21-32??/2021Resolution 21-32
21-33Transfer of Funds2/5/2021Resolution 21-33
21-34Borough of Morris Plains Municipal Alliance Alcoholism and Drug Abuse2/5/2021Resolution 21-34