March 10, 2021

Dear Morris Plains Recreation Summer Programs Families,

Morris Plains Recreation Commission has determined Summer Camp will be offered to residents this year contingent on a minimum number of registrations that will cover Camp  costs. If minimum is not met, will not be able to offer Camp; registration fees will be refunded.

Registration will commence on March 22nd; registration materials will be available @ March 19th. The final day of registration will be April 14th. Due to the complexity of planning for staff, supplies, materials , activities, etc., without exception, we cannot accept any registrations after April 14.

All completed Registrations , Emergency Information Forms and Camp Fees need to be mailed to 51 Jim Fear Drive or left in the mail slot located to the left of the Community Center Entrance. A receipt will be mailed. Summer Camp will commence on June 28, 2021, a five week program, 9AM to Noon, ending July 30, 2021.

Due to the pandemic, a number of restrictions and procedures will be enacted for the safety and well being of your child(ren).

Before registering your child(ren) for Morris Plains Recreation Summer Camp, please review the following CDC, WHO, Board of Health and Morris Plains Recreation Commission guidelines to reduce potential exposure to and spread of Coronavirus:

  1. Teen Camp and Super Kid will take place exclusively outdoors at Community Park. The outdoor bathrooms will be accessible. If it rains , or if there is any chance of rain or if excessive heat (90 degrees or higher) is forecasted, Camp will be cancelled for the entire day. We are planning on offering alternative virtual camp activities. Weather notification alert system is impending.
  2. Campers will be retrieved directly from their cars at the start of Camp and will be directly returned to their cars at conclusion. Parents should remain in their cars. Parents will be required at this time to read, sign and date a Covid Symptoms Questionnaire. Specific instructions regarding drop off and pick up will be forthcoming.
  3.  Before Campers exit their cars, they will have their temperature taken. Any Camper with a temperature of 100.4 or higher (per CDC guidelines) will not be permitted to attend Camp that day.
  4. Campers may not exit their cars without a face mask which they will be required to wear full time during Camp.
  5. Staff will be trained with regards to Social Distancing which will be strictly enforced. Please remind your child(ren) daily of the value of Social Distancing and why it needs to be mandated at Camp.
  6. Campers will be consistently grouped 10 maximum (including Counselors) for all activities.
  7. Only non-contact games and activities can be permitted. No shared play equipment.
  8. No bus trips, waterslides, playground or any contact activities.
  9. Campers need to bring their own supply of water in a water bottle labeled with first and last name; we will not be able to offer communal water in coolers to refill water
  10. Under no circumstances should a child be sent to Camp that is exhibiting any symptoms of being ill: headache, stomach ache, nausea or vomiting, fever, chills, rigors, sore throat, diarrhea, loss of appetite, lethargic, lightheaded, fatigue, congestion, runny nose, cough.
  11. If there is an outbreak of the virus or if anyone does test positive for COVID-19, Camp would immediately be closed for the required quarantine period; refunds
    cannot be provided.
  12. All possible measures are being taken to maintain a healthy and safe environment for Campers; all Staff Members will be trained and will do the best to their ability. Precautions will be enforced including, but not limited to: face masks for all Campers and Staff Members, temperatures taken every day for all Campers and Staff Members, hand washing stations and frequent hand washing encouraged for all Campers and Staff Members, Social Distancing, strictly enforced, only noncontact games and activities. However, due to the uncertainties of the Coronavirus you enter this program at your own risk.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me @

On behalf of the Morris Plains Recreation Commission, looking forward to offering your children an enjoyable, safe summer program,