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I want to thank all participants of the Borough’s Bravest Project – including all veterans, service members, and their families and friends. As many can see these banners starting to erect on our poles on Speedwell, it is with full gratitude to have these names and faces stand with pride in our town.

The idea came from a fellow coworker. He himself was a veteran recognized through a similar project in his hometown. He spoke proudly of his service to our country and our families, and it sparked the urge to bring this project to reality.

With these banners, we recognize the many sacrifices of those who are on the banners, their families, and their friends. Throughout this process, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with some of the most humble, professional, and bravest men and women who signed an oath to be part of some elite teams and spend many birthdays and holidays away from their families.

This project would not be possible without their perseverance, discipline, and pride. This project would also not be possible without the generosity of our community. So many of the participants offered a greatly appreciated helping hand.

Special thanks to my father, Mayor Jason Karr and the town council for giving me the chance to come before them with this idea and allowing me to pursue it. I want to also thank the Borough of Morris Plains, Donna Karr, Matthew Karr, Alyssa McGrane, John Titterton (VFW #3401), Melissa Gibson, Enrique’s Printing, our sponsors/donators, and most importantly our veterans and service members.

If you or someone you know may be interested in being a part of this recognition, feel free to reach out to Nick Karr at (973) 270-5451 or

Nick Karr
(973) 270-5451