Garage Sale Permit

Notice to Applicant

The following rules must be observed for all Garage Sales held in the Borough of Morris Plains:

  1. No more than two (2) garage sales at any one address, or conducted by anyone at one address, or conducted by any one person, family or group within a calendar year.
  2. No sale may take place over more than three (3) consecutive days. Sales on successive weekends or with intervening non-sale days are considered separate sales.
  3. Sales may not start before 9:00 AM and must end by 5:00 PM
  4. Garage sales are permitted only as incidental to the residential use of a property, and are not intended to permit business operations in a residential zone.
  5. Signs advertising garage sales are subject to the following conditions:
    1. Only two signs are permitted. One (1) at the premises where the sale is held, and one (1) additional directional sign at the nearest intersection to the premises where the sale is being conducted.
    2. Signs advertising garage sales may be up no sooner than 24 hours before the sale is to begin and must be removed before dusk on the last day of the sale.
    3. No sign shall be placed upon a traffic sign, traffic signal, shade tree, other governmental property or utility pole.
    4. No sign shall be larger than 24″ x 18″.
    5. Signs shall only contain information as permitted by ordinance.
  6. Each license issued under this ordinance must be prominently displayed on the premises upon which the garage sale is conducted throughout the entire period of the licensed sale.


  • (A letter of consent from the property owner is required if the applicant is other than the owner)
  • Please give dates and addresses of sales
  • I swear or affirm that the information hereby given is full and true and known by me to be so.

Contact the Clerk/Registrar

Rosanne Denman, Borough Clerk & Registrar

RoseMarie Leyhan, Deputy Clerk & Deputy Registrar

531 Speedwell Avenue
Morris Plains, NJ 07950

(973) 538-2224

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m