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Use of Borough Parks, Fields, and Pavilion

Use of Borough property including fields, parks, parking lots, and pavilion, may be requested for activities and events as allowed by Chapter 16, Parks and Recreation Areas of the Revised Ordinances of the Borough of Morris Plains.

Link here for information about Permits for Special Events in the Borough Code.

Link here to read General Rules of Conduct for Public Parks and Recreation Areas..

Permit Requirements

Please plan ahead to request use of Borough Parks, Fields and Pavilion, as the application requires several components and steps.

The permit application includes the following:

  1. Application – The applicant/organization name, address, contact information, purpose and details of event including attendance, schedules, and whether or not it is a fundraiser.
  2. Fees – non-profit organizations serving Morris Plains residents are exempt from fees.
Organization TypeFees
Morris Plains Entity Sponsoring

One Use:      $   150

Season Use: $   500

Out-of-Borough Entity Sponsoring

One Use:      $   300

Season Use: $1,000

  1. Hold Harmless Agreement – must be completed and signed by the Borough Clerk
  2. Certificate of Insurance
    1. “Insured” should read the same as “Applicant”
    2. “Insurance Company” should be shown in the “Company Affording Coverage” section
    3. Under “General Liability” section of the Certificate, the following items must be included: Comprehensive Liability; Contractual Liability; Host Liquor Liability (if alcoholic beverages will be served)
    4. The general liability policy number
    5. Policy “effective” and “expiration” dates showing valid coverage during the event
    6. Preferred limits: $1M combined single limit for bodily injury and property damage per occurrence; $2M in aggregate
    7. In the “Description of Operations” section, the Borough of Morris Plains should be named as “Additional Insured” as respects to use of the facility
    8. “Certificate Holder” section should show the full name and address of the Boroug of Morris Plains – 531 Speedwell Avenue, Morris Plains, New Jersey 07950.
    9. The “Cancellation” section should indicate at least fifteen days Notice of Cancellation.
    10. Must be signed by an “authorized representative” from the retner/user’s insurance company.
  3. Request for consumption of alcoholic beverages – if this box is checked in the application, please note that permission must be approved by the Governing Body.

Use of the Community Center

Please visit our Community Center page for information regarding the use of the Morris Plains Community Center.

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